June 5, 2015


SATURDAY. It's been heaps of ups and downs - falling sick on one day, going out for a movie on another. There hadn't been many plans in the past week, but so much more to come on the next! Enjoying my holidays to the fullest 'cause I know it's gonna get hell hectic as soon as classes resumes.

So here's the outfit post of my Penang trip that I've promised you guys (in case you missed it, check it out over here). Love how the walls give that vintage feel which kinda compliments my outfit. Oh and please excuse the very mismatched colour palette, I was just throwing on things that I feel like wearing haha.

If you were wondering how the title of this post came about, it's just a representation of my ever-lasting crush towards Ed Sheeran. His voice is perfect, ain't it? ;)

Vintage top
Denim cut-offs from KISTCHEN
Gladiator sandals from ZARA
Aviators from H&M
Backpack from KIPLING

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