June 17, 2015

Haraju Cube

WEDNESDAY. I usually don't post in the middle of the week but I'll give this post an exception because I had such an amazing time hanging out with my buddies at Haraju Cube, Empire Damansara. Let the feast begin!

June 8, 2015

Every girl deserves flowers

MONDAY. In my dad's office, supposedly to be helping out but here I am, devoting my time towards blogging haha (daddy please don't kill me!).

June 5, 2015


SATURDAY. It's been heaps of ups and downs - falling sick on one day, going out for a movie on another. There hadn't been many plans in the past week, but so much more to come on the next! Enjoying my holidays to the fullest 'cause I know it's gonna get hell hectic as soon as classes resumes.