October 23, 2016

Travel Diary: Macau X Hong Kong

A long overdue post that was supposed to be up a month ago (?) but clearly didn't happen. Now it's close to 3am Malaysian time that I'm writing this cause insomnia decided to hit on me and instead of staring at the ceiling for another hour or so, I could perhaps use this time a lil more wisely.

P/s Personal life updates will be written at the end of the post, if you are in any way interested to know what I'm up to recently (that made me so busy I didn't even have the time to write this entry).

And uhm, I'm sorry if you came here for what the title says. I'm chatty in real life and sometimes even chattier on my blog. Here goes.

Day 1: Sunday

I shall start off by saying that this purple Aztec jumpsuit I got from Bali has became my best plane buddy cause it's a slightly more presentable version of pajamas (to those who wear jeans on board, time to experience a life-changing article of clothing).

Flight was scheduled to be in the afternoon so when we reached Macau the sun has already gone down. What was THE MOST frustrating is that a few days before the flight, we received an email stating that our flight was being rescheduled to an earlier timing and guess what, we ended up boarding the plane almost the same time as the original. Seriously guys, make up your mind.

Day 2: Monday

I'm going to apologise now for not being able to name each and every location I went to, mainly because I was blessed with a friend living in Macau, and another who had done her research beforehand, so the entire trip I was just following their footsteps (kudos to Yu Zhen and Wan Teng!) and clearly what mattered most to me was the view not the name HAHA. Irresponsible blogger alert (!!)

Okay I know this place. It's the famous (infamous) Ruins of St. Paul's which was absolutely CROWDED (by crowded I mean you can never get a decent picture without someone blocking some part of the building). Mind me, it was a Monday, don't even try to imagine the crowd on weekends or holidays. Also a huge salute to the couples who decided to do their wedding shoot there for their courage, adaptability to the weather (did I mention, after taking all these pictures my back was completely wet?) and patience.

On a side note, the Forever 21 there was having a moving out clearance sale with everything at 70% off - I managed to score a pair of lace up heels for less than MYR50! If you're heading there anytime soon, be sure to check them out, their accessories never disappoint and are dirt cheap as well!

We went on visiting the many crazily grand casinos around Macau because, what is a trip to Macau without a look at what they're famous for? I'm still too young to enter the place of real excitement but hell yeah, you really have to see it for yourself to understand why this piece of land is being named the Asian Vegas. One word, GRAND.

Speaking about Portuguese Tarts, the ones in Venetian (correct me if I'm wrong) are the bomb. So good we ate a dozen of them in two days.

Day 3: Tuesday

Woke up super early to board the ferry to Hong Kong! Shopped like a madwoman (actually, I think I bought the least) and met up with a friend who studies at City U (hi Chun Shen, single and available, if you're interested ring me and I'll give you his number HAHAHA).

We found that the best shopping spot was in Mong Kok, a complex named New Town Mall (新之城). Prices are lower than you would ever think could be possible (I bought a super cute dress for like HKD20 or something? It really couldn't have gotten any better than that!). No pictures cause we were obviously all too busy shopping! Food at Mong Kok was generally tasty and cheaper than say TST or Central (or was I lucky? I don't know).

Day 4: Wednesday

We spent our night in Park Hotel Hong Kong which was on the pricier side, but if you're looking for a comfortable hotel yet on a budget, a deluxe room here can easily fit up to four (or more) people as long as you don't mind sleeping on the bedsteads that was surprisingly soft (almost like a bed).

Because we couldn't contain the shopaholics in us soooooo we went to Mong Kok again for shopping and yes, we nearly missed the check in time for our flight. Mong Kok - TST - HK Ferry Station - Macau Ferry Station - Macau Airport within 2 hours, that's a record that I'm pretty damn proud of (or maybe not - running around with a luggage, a huge backpack and no money to call a cab is no fun at all).

Best part though: I got to witness the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen till date on the plane. The pictures are not doing any justice to what entered my eyes.

So here's the life update that you have been waiting for (or not. If you're reading this, I'm proud you survived through my nonsense and got all the way here). I'm currently interning in KFit (check them out, they're one amazing company) so if you wanna know how is it like working in a fast-growing start-up, do reach out to me! I'm currently trying to juggle the insane life of working seven days a week (I work in a music center on weekends) and balancing the workaholic in me with fitness activities (kudos to KFit!). Which actually turned out to make my already busy schedule even busier. No complaints, though it does get tiring sometimes.

I have recently gotten into yoga and Jazzercise because it really works me out in a way I find interesting. I can definitely see the physical changes that is happening to me - less stress, less pimples, more energy, better appetite, and hopefully a more toned body soon!

Stay tuned for more life updates, if I'm able to squeeze time out for it haha.

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