April 2, 2015

CNY Day 1

FRIDAY. Hurro peeps! I know I had been away from my blog for quite a while... I guess I just wanted to give myself some time to think through whether I should continue blogging or not. College life ain't as easy as I presumed it to be with my classes stretching until 5pm almost every day - which leaves me so little time to do things that I like (have been skipping workouts and exercises quite a bit). For the past three months I had been focusing so much on balancing my studies with my life, and here I am, back to my blog, because it's just this special something that I truly enjoy doing.

You might be wondering though, why have I deleted all my previous posts? Well, the reason might seem rather mindless, but yeah I just wanted to give myself and my blog a brand new start, with the hopes that my posts can, from this moment onwards, be a lot more interesting as I progress through this journey. Here's a set of pictures that I took during the first day of Chinese New Year, hope y'all will like it.

Lace top from @piccabooo_
Skorts from Kenanga Wholesale City
Flats from TIZIO
Bag from PRADA
Passed-down watch and bracelet
Gifted owl necklace

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