June 8, 2015

Every girl deserves flowers

MONDAY. In my dad's office, supposedly to be helping out but here I am, devoting my time towards blogging haha (daddy please don't kill me!).

If you do follow me on instagram (@abigailrhyme) you probably already saw this outfit a few weeks ago. The weather was burning hot (approx 36 degree Celsius, if my memory didn't fail me) hence taking good shots was almost as hard as passing a maths paper LOL. It was my niece's one-year-old birthday and I was feeling particularly flowery that day - which explains the flowery top I got from Bangkok worn over my favourite Forever 21 bralette. I didn't want to go all out, though, hence I used a lot of black to tone the girlishness down. What do you think? Scroll down for more (not very appealing) pictures!

Top from Bangkok
Bralette from FOREVER 21
Bag from PRADA
Maxi skirt and leather wrap from COTTON ON
Heels from CAROUSELL

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