March 27, 2014


Heartbreaking to hear the news about MH370 that the plane has crashed into the Indian Ocean. Although the debris has yet to be found, it's really hard for me to be positive about the situation.

A 17-year-old lost his life on his way to a prefects' camp. What's more saddening to me is that, he's a friend of a lot of my schoolmates. I don't know him, but the sorrow surrounding my schoolmates has taken over me.

I feel the pain of their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. I understand that it's extremely difficult to overcome the grief of the death of someone so dearly to you.

Well, it's common - all of us procrastinate. We always think that we're still young, and we have ample time to finish all our undone work and to chase our dreams.

But have we ever thought of this - what if there's no tomorrow?

I admit that I procrastinate a lot. A LOT. But the above incidents remind me of how precious our lives are as well as how time will cruelly eat up our days. Now I realise how crucial it is for me to grab every single chance I have and work hard to achieve my dreams.

Every breath you're taking now is a gift.

I promise myself to treasure every moment in life, be it good or bad, because I don't know if I'll be able to open my eyes the next morning.

My motto for the year:-
Dream big, work hard.

Oh and if anything bad happens to me, just remember that I always love you all till bits kay <3 :*

Will the sky tomorrow be as blue?
School holiday's over :'(