May 19, 2015

Travel Diary: Penang

TUESDAY. Finally my travel diary to Penang is up! Majority of the pictures were taken at the streets with murals except the first (Penang Bridge) and last (Batu Ferringi beach). Will do an outfit post soon, but for now I'll shut up let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

May 12, 2015

The grass is greener on the other side

TUESDAY. So many things to address in one post but I'll go one by one alright :)

First up! These shots were taken at the beautiful Taiping Lake Garden when my family was on a trip to my mum's hometown approximately two weeks back. When I was a kid, my parents use to make me feed fishes in the lake with bread crumbs. Now this place has became one of my favourite places to shoot! Absolutely loving the greenery over here hehe.

April 23, 2015


FRIDAY. Confession: too much of studying has blocked my creative brain cells hence the very-unrelated and super-boring post title.

April 9, 2015


THURSDAY. Just to be clear: I don't drink. It's just me being too tired about studies (and a repetitive college daily routine) that's putting me into constant sleep mode. Just to be clear again: I don't sleep in class. Good girl ey?

April 2, 2015

CNY Day 1

FRIDAY. Hurro peeps! I know I had been away from my blog for quite a while... I guess I just wanted to give myself some time to think through whether I should continue blogging or not. College life ain't as easy as I presumed it to be with my classes stretching until 5pm almost every day - which leaves me so little time to do things that I like (have been skipping workouts and exercises quite a bit). For the past three months I had been focusing so much on balancing my studies with my life, and here I am, back to my blog, because it's just this special something that I truly enjoy doing.