October 23, 2016

Travel Diary: Macau X Hong Kong

A long overdue post that was supposed to be up a month ago (?) but clearly didn't happen. Now it's close to 3am Malaysian time that I'm writing this cause insomnia decided to hit on me and instead of staring at the ceiling for another hour or so, I could perhaps use this time a lil more wisely.

P/s Personal life updates will be written at the end of the post, if you are in any way interested to know what I'm up to recently (that made me so busy I didn't even have the time to write this entry).

And uhm, I'm sorry if you came here for what the title says. I'm chatty in real life and sometimes even chattier on my blog. Here goes.

Day 1: Sunday

I shall start off by saying that this purple Aztec jumpsuit I got from Bali has became my best plane buddy cause it's a slightly more presentable version of pajamas (to those who wear jeans on board, time to experience a life-changing article of clothing).

Flight was scheduled to be in the afternoon so when we reached Macau the sun has already gone down. What was THE MOST frustrating is that a few days before the flight, we received an email stating that our flight was being rescheduled to an earlier timing and guess what, we ended up boarding the plane almost the same time as the original. Seriously guys, make up your mind.